My name is David Díaz Clavijo. I am a computer engineering student at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) at Canary Islands, Spain where sun is shinning everyday. My study programme lasts five years plus Final Year Project (FYP). FYP is a 800-1000 hours project with a report to connect student knowledge. This website tries to offer information and tools useful to choose a framework I have found.

My FYP is a web frameworks comparison focused on high productivity frameworks. My tutors are Cayetano Guerra Artal and Lydia Esther Bolaños Medina.

Project planning is:

  1. State of art: Research about previous comparisons and statistics which helps to decide which frameworks to test and guide the project.
  2. Website definition: A website to be developed is defined. This website will be used to test different web frameworks.
  3. Learn technology and develop website: A fixed time is used to learn every technology and develop the website.
  4. Conclusions: Analyses different technologies, compare them, compare states reached in development and time invested.

I know my intelligence and background influences in learning curve and time for development. Therefore, conclusions depends on several variables hard to meter but still I think it is enough interesting to do it. Criticism is welcome.

You can follow this project on twitter @Wframeworks. Also you can follow my personal twitter @islantius, but I can post anything in that twitter about anything: funny stuff, politics, psychology, even write in Spanish!.